About us

Studio Bellaiuto, in the person of the owner “Rag. Teresa Bellaiuto”, carries out the profession of condominium and real estate administrations in Rome in the districts  Eur – Marconi – Portuense – Ostiense and in the province of Rome “Civitavecchia”, “Santa Marinella”.

Ms. Teresa Bellaiuto is associated with UNAI with registration no. VT13817 (National Union of Property Administrators), a trade association registered on the list of nationally representative associations held at the “Ministry of Economic Development”, according to Legislative Decree no. 206 of 2007 and subsequent amendments.

Teresa Bellaiuto owns the requirements referred to in Article 71 bis of the Civil Code, “Decree of the Ministry of Justice” no. 140/2014″ necessary to carry out the role of condominium administrator according to Law no. 220/2012.

Teresa Bellaiuto has obtained professional certification by UNI 10801:2016 at the “E.L.T.I.  S.r.l.” Body.

Amministratore Giudiziario Condominii del Tribunale di Civitavecchia n. 19/15.

Teresa Bellaiuto has obtained the certificate of Office Technical Consultant at “Unipro S.r.l.”.

Teresa Bellaiuto has obtained the certificate of Condominium Auditor no. RV319/2020 at “ItaliaDidacta S.r.l.”.

To protect its managed Condominiums, the owner has stipulated the Professional Civil Liability Policy “according to art. 1129, paragraph 4 of the Civil Code” with the Company “Generali Assicurazioni S.p.a.” for any risks that could occur in the performance of the activity. The policy includes:

  • civil liability €. 500.00 ceilings.

The firm avails itself of the advice of top professionals in the technical, legal, and tax fields, offering its customers the best that can be found on the market.

In the light of current legislation, the firm has state-of-the-art computer systems that allow you to view any file in real-time.

The Firm is composed of the owner and a secretary present on the days of reception to the public, who will welcome you with courtesy and competence.